What breakfast is best?

Toast and peanut butter

Toast topped with a spread such as peanut butter makes a tasty and easy start to the day. 

Peanut butter also makes a great sandwich filling for an easy on-the-run breakfast. Team up peanut butter with a little jam for a fast breakfast sandwich or with a banana in a monkey roll.


  • Choose wholegrain or high-fibre white bread.
  • Try peanut butter with no added sugar and no added salt – it tastes just as good and is the same price.

Rating = 4 out of 5 stars

Note: We’ve used stars to rate some common breakfast foods and drinks. More stars equals a healthier option. If a food has 5 stars, then it is one of the best breakfast options. While if a food has no stars or 1 star, then it is one of the least healthy.